Chassis-level liquid cooling with precision delivery technologies

Iceotope's chassis-level liquid cooling solutions – with precision delivery technologies – are engineered to cool the whole IT stack in every use case from the cloud to the edge. By removing the need for fans and air-cooling infrastructure, Iceotope’s technologies operate in pure silence — bringing game-changing reduction in energy and water consumption, and significant cost reductions in the design, build and operation of data centres.

Chassis-level liquid cooling solutions for mass-scale IT deployment in Cloud / Hyperscale

Iceotope’s chassis-level immersion cooling solutions lower costs, improve efficiency, and increase density at scale.

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Integrated rack with liquid-cooled chassis for compute-intensive applications at the Edge

Iceotope's integrated rack with liquid-cooled chassis reduces risk, saves energy, and simplifies maintenance at the Edge.

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Hybrid chassis-level liquid cooling for compute-intensive AI and HPC applications

Iceotope's hybrid chassis-level liquid cooling solution maximises performance, improves efficiency, and sustains high heat recovery in AI and HPC.

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Integrated rack with liquid-cooled chassis for variable scale deployments in Colocation

Iceotope's integrated rack with liquid-cooled chassis enables Colocation operators to capitalise on the looming Hyperscale opportunity by accommodating variable scale requirements.

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Industry leading partners

Delivering the future in cooling technologies. Today.

Our chassis-level liquid cooling technologies have been tried, tested and adopted by some of the biggest hyperscalers in the industry – not to mention, one of the largest OEMs in the world. Our business model is simple. We listen, we innovate, we develop and we integrate into existing supply chains. Partnerships with industry giants like Schneider Electric and Avnet make all of this possible. So whatever cooling challenges you are facing, we will help you manage them effectively.

Hotter chips. Smarter cooling.

While the move to hotter chips can’t be stopped, it can be cooled – evenly, effectively and cost-efficiently with Iceotope’s patented chassis-level liquid cooling technologies. Our cooling technologies will comfortably deliver 40kW per rack and scale to over 100kW. Our technologies provide more predictable thermal control without the over provisioning and airflow management needed in air cooling. They can also improve chip and hard drive reliability by providing a lower stable operating temperature and removing humidity issues.

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