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Technology roadmaps are all pointing to hotter chips and rising rack densities. While air cooling can meet the demands of today’s technology, it cannot keep pace with the server generations soon to come. Hardware and chip manufacturers are turning to liquid cooling to help the data center industry meet sustainability demands with greater efficiency, flexibility and scalability while delivering the performance requirements advanced computing workloads demand.

Iceotope is helping the biggest technology brands in the world solve their thermal challenges. Our Precision Liquid Cooling technology has been tried, tested and adopted by industry leading server and chip manufacturers.

OEM case studies


Ultra-efficient and highly scalable Edge Computing

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Zero-touch computing for extreme edge locations

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Super-efficient and highly ruggedized Telco server

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Do you have a cooling challenge?

Our engineering team can work in partnership with you to solve your cooling challenges and simply license the Iceotope’s technology into your supply chain. Whatever cooling challenges you are facing, we will help you manage them effectively.

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Learning Hub

For more information about Precision Liquid Cooling, please visit our Learning Hub to explore additional resources and classes about the technology, markets and industries Iceotope supports.

How does Precision Liquid Cooling works at system and facility level

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Get more insight on how Precision Liquid Cooling is accelerating a sustainable, digital world.

Energy Efficiency – It's just the tip of the iceberg

In the data center industry, sustainability has become a siloed discussion focused primarily on energy efficiency

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Paying attention to data centre storage cooling in 2023

Liquid cooling for high-density storage is proving to be a viable alternative as it can mitigate for variances and improve consistency

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Redefining Liquid Cooling from the server to the switch

Precision Liquid Cooling technologies are changing the game when it comes to removing heat from the whole IT stack

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