Super-efficient and highly ruggedized Telco server

KUL RAN, an ultra-resilient and highly-energy efficient precision liquid cooled server solution, to address extreme edge deployment challenges across the entire telco estate. KUL RAN is a new 19-inch short-depth rack form factor with HPE ProLiant DL110 servers and 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors optimized for high-density, low-latency edge, virtualized RAN, and 5G services. The solution fits to existing deployed infrastructure.

Extreme edge deployments tend to have reduced control over environmental exposure during installation, operation and maintenance compared to centralized data center facilities. KUL RAN is specifically designed for telco and harsh edge deployments to meet the need for reliable data processing installations close to the point of use in the face of a range of challenges from power constraints to service accessibility, as well as local environment and ambient weather conditions. The solution, developed in partnership with Intel and HPE, will help accelerate adoption by achieving game-changing reductions in power consumption and maintenance costs while maintaining or enhancing data center density.

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