Good for the planet. Great for the bottom line.

Data center cooling reimagined from the
cloud to the edge

Using industry standard form factors, our Precision Liquid Cooling solutions offer extreme cooling performance, simplified maintenance, and significant cost reductions. We prioritize simplicity and practicality to craft innovative responses to real-world challenges. The results are impactful, sustainable solutions redefining cooling from the data center to the edge.


Why Precision Liquid Cooling?

Precision Liquid Cooling can remove nearly 100% of the heat generated by the electronic components of a server, while reducing energy use by up to 40% and water consumption by up to 100%. It allows for greater flexibility in designing IT solutions as there are no hotspots to slow down performance and no wasted physical space on unnecessary cooling infrastructure. Most importantly, it uses the same rack-based architecture as air cooled systems and simply fits to existing deployed infrastructure.

Powered by HPE ProLiant servers with Intel Xeon Scalable processors

“The deployment of Cloud RAN optimized compute at the telco edge is fundamental to the growth of RAN and Open RAN. The ability to deploy servers at extreme locations with reduced power consumption and maintenance costs, as well as enhanced server uptime, could be a game-changer in this market. We're delighted to extend our collaboration with Iceotope Technologies, combining the Cloud RAN optimized HPE ProLiant DL110 server with Iceotope's KUL RAN liquid-cooled server solution.”

Phil Cutrone
Senior Vice President and General Manager
Service Providers, OEM, Telco and Major Accounts
“As Intel works to enable more sustainable outcomes for customers, this innovation, in collaboration with HPE and Iceotope represents a step toward delivering solutions that reduce environmental impacts. Through Iceotope’s rack-based approach to deliver Precision Liquid Cooling and HPE’s Gen 11 servers based on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors, customers can take advantage of the enhanced TCO at the Edge delivered by liquid cooling while maintaining many of their operational processes and KPIs.”

Jeni Barovian Panhorst
VP and GM of Network & Edge Compute Division  

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