Iceotope Labs

Explore the future of liquid cooling technology and discover where innovation meets excellence

Iceotope Labs is the data center industry's first state-of-the-art liquid cooling lab. Located at Iceotope’s global headquarters in Sheffield, UK, this cutting-edge facility sets a new benchmark for high-performance computing (HPC) and AI research and testing capabilities.

Why Iceotope Labs?

The exponential growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning is demonstrating the need for liquid cooling technology in order to manage AI workloads. 

As data centers evolve to meet these demands, Iceotope Labs provides the critical infrastructure needed to validate and future-proof liquid cooling solutions. Our lab delivers the quantitative data and insights necessary for informed deployment decisions, ensuring your infrastructure is ready for the future. 

Advanced Testing and Research Capabilities

Iceotope Labs is equipped with advanced monitoring systems, data analysis tools, and a team of specialist test engineers. The facility offers a comprehensive R&D environment to demonstrate and benchmark the advantages of liquid cooling to our customers and partners.

Recent research at Iceotope Labs includes groundbreaking tests for next-gen chip-level cooling at both 1500W and 1000W, proving Precision Liquid Cooling's capability to meet the thermal demands of future computing architectures.