Healthcare Services

Faster diagnosis and improved patient outcomes

Healthcare is one of the major success stories of our times with advances in medicine, supported by progress in public health, research, innovation and technology, significantly reducing mortality and morbidity. As longevity increases, healthcare systems face growing demand for their services, rising costs and a workforce that is struggling to meet the needs of its patients. 

By 2030, AI will be able to reveal patterns in disease and aid treatment and care. Today, we’re already seeing AI-powered solutions addressing routine, repetitive and largely administrative tasks on a daily basis. The value AI and ML create in giving decision makers the ability to take meaningful action is clear to see. What’s not so clear is the long list of challenges facing the deployment of the necessary computing power required to run these AI/HPC workloads.

Edge computing at the point-of-care

Deploying IT at the point-of-care means deploying it in close proximity to people. Whether it be bedside or under a desk, people present risk to the IT in terms of accidental damage, tampering and contamination whilst the IT presents risk to the people in terms of noise, heat, germs and space consumption. Power availability, power draw and its sustainability also must be considered as does the impact of latency, resilience and scalability on real-time decision making at the point-of-care. 

Primary AI/ML-powered use cases in healthcare services

There are many AI/ML use cases being considered, trialed and rolled out around the world, but these require high-performance computing to be moved from the data center to the point-of-care 

Diagnostic Image Interpretation

Capture abnormalities, predict diseases, revaluate treatment and plan surgery

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Precision Medicine

Structured data, actionable insights, longitudinal understanding and precision diagnosis

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Next-Generation Genomic Sequencing

Understanding, integration and examination of large data sets

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Extreme cooling performance from the data center to the Edge

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Ultra-efficient and highly scalable Edge Computing

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Zero-touch computing for extreme edge locations

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Why serviceability at the edge is so important

Deploying edge computing in remote locations can be challenging and expensive to maintain

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