Diagnostic Image Interpretation

Accurate disease screenings for proactive management and improved patient outcomes

AI/ML-powered medical imaging solutions allow doctors to use accurate and accessible disease screenings to proactively treat cancer and other diseases at their most manageable stages to improve patient outcomes. The aim of medical imaging is to capture abnormalities using high-performance image processing and machine learning techniques for the diagnosis of various diseases and enablement of medical operation planning.

High-performance computing at the point-of-care

Deploying HPC to enable AI/ML-powered medical imaging workloads at the point-of-care or on-premises doesn't come without its challenges. Deploying IT at the point-of-care means deploying it in close proximity to people. People present risk to the IT in terms of accidental damage, tampering and contamination whilst the IT presents risk to the people in terms of noise, heat, germs and space consumption. Deploying IT on-premises in existing server rooms presents challenges such as space availability, power availability, heat rejection, scalability, monitoring and maintenance.  

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