The challenges facing Edge computing, AI and Edge-AI, and HPC are numerous. Dense heat loads from CPUs and GPUs, power availability and increased energy consumption, physical security and tamper risks, reliability and resilience in harsh IT environments, and maintenance outside the data centre, are just some of the obstacles that we need to overcome to compute real-time value at the Edge. Iceotope and Schneider Electric have teamed up for OCP Virtual Summit 2020, so visit our booth to find out how we're addressing these challenges with our chassis-level liquid cooling solutions.

OCP TV interviews David Craig from Iceotope and Robert Bunger from Schneider Electric

OCP TV finds out how Iceotope and Schneider Electric are addressing the numerous challenges facing Edge computing, AI and Edge-AI, and HPC with Iceotope's chassis-level liquid cooling solutions.

Integrated rack with chassis-level liquid cooling for compute-intensive applications at the Edge

Iceotope’s liquid-cooled chassis is a platform leap technology that enables OCP servers to move to the Edge with minor modifications. With close to 100% heat recovery and simplified serviceability, our liquid-cooled technologies offer a safe and secure environment that bridges the cooling gap for generations of increasingly dense electronics and thermal loads. A sealed chassis means your IT is impervious to heat, dust and humidity and runs silently in any location and in any climate.

This will be a rich, interactive experience that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It including keynote sessions, executive tracks, an Expo Hall with Expo Hall talks, Engineering Workshops, the OCP Experience Centre and the OCP Future Technologies Symposium. This format will allow increased functionality for Q&A, panel discussions, live chat, and one-on-one connections.

Hybrid chassis-level liquid cooling for compute-intensive AI and HPC applications

Iceotope’s hybrid liquid-cooling technology offers a cooling solution that combines the benefits of warm water cold plate and immersion cooling in a sealed chassis. Achieving close to 100% heat recovery with devices in any orientation, our hybrid cooling technology offers maximum CPU performance and simplified serviceability whilst facilitating increasingly complex OCP server designs.


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