ARX Alliance announces the launch of their third-party cyber risk management platform with leading-edge UK based technology firm Iceotope.

With the rapid global increase in supply chain related cyber breaches, the ARX solution enables Iceotope to map their suppliers and other third parties on an easy to use digital dashboard. Having a clear and up to date view of controls and security standards across the entire supply chain makes it easy to highlight vulnerable gaps and identify specific weak points which could lead to a cyber-attack. By monitoring data from both internal and external sources across the supply chain, ARX will significantly reduce the likelihood of a security breach thereby protecting both Iceotope and their entire value chain.

Iceotope is a leading-edge UK based technology company. Along with their partners including Schneider Electric, Iceotope delivers liquid cooling to the whole IT stack, from the Cloud to the Edge. Iceotope removes the need for fans and air-cooling infrastructure bringing game changing reduction in energy and water consumption with significant cost reductions in the design, build and operation of data centers. “We are delighted to be working with ARX. We take cyber security and governance, both internally and across our supply chain, extremely seriously. The ability to operate in the digital realm efficiently and securely is critical to achieving operational continuity. All companies have a responsibility to protect their infrastructure and support their supply chains.” Said David Craig, CEO of Iceotope. “To do that they need to have full visibility across all their suppliers plus the ability to respond instantly to a potential cyber-threat arising anywhere in the value chain,” He added.

“We are excited to bring ARX to market and be working with Iceotope, a fast-growing UK technology company who are founded on and committed to the highest operational standards in quality and assurance” said Andre Turville, CEO of ARX Alliance. “With 65% of companies now reporting attacks through their supply chains, we are seeing many forward-thinking companies recognise the criticality of good governance and cyber risk management across the entire value chain. At ARX we are committed to supporting companies to efficiently build alliances and cyber resilience, creating a safer place to do business in the digital realm.”