Data Centre Magazine has compiled a list of 10 of the best cooling companies who are helping to innovate the data centre industry.

The data centre industry is continuing to revolutionise and innovate many industries around the world. However, as the industry continues to grow, so does its environmental impact. Data centres generate an enormous amount of heat and energy, making it vital for operators to find a way to stop servers from overheating and protect the environment. 



Offering up to 96% water reduction, up to 40% power reduction, up to 40% carbon emissions reduction, up to 84% cooling cost and up to 40% per kW of ITE power reduction, Iceotope’s chassis-level precision immersion cooling solutions are engineered to cool the whole IT stack, in every use case, from Hyperscale to the Extreme Edge. 100% sealed at chassis level, Iceotope’s liquid cooling solutions offer extreme cooling performance whilst isolating and protecting the critical IT from the surrounding environment and atmosphere. Industry-standard form factors allow simple maintenance and hot-swapping to be carried out – in any location – with ease, without mess, nor the need for heavy lifting gear. Validated by Schneider, Lenovo, HPE and Avnet, Iceotope’s truly scalable solutions – from one to many – are bringing these game-changing benefits to several of the world’s largest hyperscalers, co-locators and enterprises.


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