The Horizon 2020 EuroEXA project proposes a ground-breaking design for mind blowing results: Over 4 times higher energy efficiency than today’s high-performance platforms.

Originally the informal names for a group of H2020 research projects (ExaNeSt, EcoScale and ExaNoDe), EuroEXA has its own EU investment as a co-design project to further develop technologies from the project group and support the EU in its bid to deliver EU based ExaScale supercomputers.


  • First testbed architecture will be shown to be capable of scaling to world-class peak performance in excess of 400 PFLOPS with an estimated system power of around 30 MW peak
  • Show that an ExaScale machine could be built in 2020 within 30 shipping containers with an edge to edge distance of less than 40m


To achieve the demands of extreme scale and the delivery of ExaScale, we embrace the computing platform as a whole, not just component optimization or fault resilience. EuroEXA brings a holistic foundation from multiple European HPC projects and partners together with the industrial SME focus of Maxeler for FPGA data-flow; Iceotope for infrastructure; ARM for HPC tooling and Zeropoint to collapse the memory bottleneck; to co-design a ground-breaking platform capable of scaling peak performance. Further, we target an ERE  (PUE accounting for heat reuse) rating of less than 1.0 through use of renewables, heat reuse and immersion-based cooling.

We co-design a balanced architecture for both compute and data-intensive applications using a cost-efficient, modular integration approach enabled by novel inter-die links and the tape-out of a resulting EuroEXA processing unit with integration of FPGA for data-flow acceleration. We provide a homogenised software platform offering heterogeneous acceleration with scalable shared memory access and create a unique hybrid geographically-addressed, switching and topology interconnect within the rack while enabling the adoption of low-cost Ethernet switched offering low-latency and high-switching bandwidth. 

Working together with a rich mix of key HPC applications from across climate/weather, physics/energy and life-science/bioinformatics domains we will demonstrate the results of the project through the deployment of an integrated and  operational peta-flop level prototype hosted at STFC. Supported by run-to-completion platform-wide resilience mechanisms, components will manage local failures, while communicating with higher levels of the stack. Monitored and controlled by advanced runtime capabilities, EuroEXA will demonstrate its co-design solution supporting both existing pre-exascale and project-developed ExaScale applications. 

Outcome to date

  • Successfully cooled 3.2kW per 1u, which will scale to over 100kW per rack
  • 16x 200W nodes per 1u
  • 6Tb/s custom HPC Interconnects
  • Deployed a containerized data centre demo in Daresbury, demonstrating designs to scale to 2MW in a single container sized unit.

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