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Hybrid Precision Liquid Cooling for compute-intensive AI and HPC applications

The AI and HPC markets are unique in that they demand extreme cooling performance first and foremost, coupled with increasing demand to improve energy efficiency by sustaining high heat recovery. Our hybrid cooling solution uses warm water cold plate cooling technology – to maximize performance at the CPU and GPU level first – coupled with our Precision Liquid Cooling technology as a complement to cool all of the other components. By integrating these technologies, we can achieve best-in-class cooling holistically while achieving 95%+ heat recovery.

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Warm water cold plate cooling

Our reference design cold plate has been engineered to minimise failure points whilst being simple and quick to install into all types of server configurations. The one piece 'gasketless' construction combined with anti-clogging internal structure provides inherent resilience and maintenance free operation. The 360 degree rotational inlet and outlet nozzles allow pipe work entry and connection to other cold plates in series or parallel for versatile incorporation in place of the inefficient air cooled heatsinks.

The design fits within the same envelope of a standard 1U heatsink. Thermal and hydraulic performance has been perfectly optimised to minimise the power needed to circulate coolant through the device whilst transferring the maximum amount of heat from the chip to coolant, keeping thermal resistance to a minimum.

All of this adds up to a cooler, quieter, more energy efficient server offering the ability to increase density in rack or attain efficiency savings within your facility. We can apply our technology to any shape or size of CPU, GPU, FPGA or high power IO connectors we would love to hear from you to discuss custom solutions based on this reference design.

Precision Liquid Cooling

Precision Liquid Cooling offers a sealed chassis where all the server components are cooled using precision delivery of dielectric coolant. The heat is captured using a gentle recirculating coolant flow inside the chassis and transferred to a building circuit via a plate heat exchanger where it is rejected to ambient using dry-coolers; or reused for heating.

Key benefits

There are many benefits of choosing Hybrid Precision Liquid Cooling over traditional air cooling and alternative liquid cooling options. Here are just a few of them.

Smaller CapEx. Bigger savings.

Schneider Electric’s preliminary analysis of our Precision Liquid Cooling versus a traditional air-cooled solution – based on a 2MW data centre – shows very conservative CapEx savings of 14% and energy savings of at least 10%, which leads to a 20-year Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of 11%.

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Hotter chips. Smarter cooling.

Our Precision Liquid Cooling technologies will comfortably deliver 40kW per rack and scale to over 100kW. Our technologies provide more predictable thermal control without the over provisioning and airflow management needed in air cooling. They can also improve chip and hard drive reliability by providing a lower stable operating temperature.

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More power. Less energy.

Operating a pPUE of 1.03, our Precision Liquid Cooling technologies not only comply with all existing regulations, they fall well below the lowest regulated pPUE of 1.3. Our cooling technologies remove the need for and the restrictions created by energy-intensive air cooling systems – including the server fans – allowing the 15-16% of site power normally stranded to be reclaimed, while using up to 5 times less energy.

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More processing. Less space.

By eliminating the need for hot and cold aisles, our Precision Liquid Cooling technologies reduce the overall data centre space for a given IT load. As demand increases for IT deployments in urban areas – and at the edge – our cooling technologies enable compute in places that has not been possible until now.

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Less water. Less waste.

Our Precision Liquid Cooling technologies can significantly reduce or eliminate water usage from the cooling system design. Because they use warm water (up to 45⁰C) in a closed secondary loop for heat rejection, simple dry coolers can be used in most climates to reject the heat.

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Zero fans. Zero noise.

By removing the need for complex air-cooling infrastructure, fans and moving parts, our cooling technologies operate in near silence.

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Fully sealed. Fully protected.

100% sealed and resilient, our Precision Liquid Cooling technologies isolate all IT from the environment, protecting it from airborne contaminants.

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Our IP. Your supply chain.

Our simple licensing model allows you to run your supply chain as is, allowing your consultancy, engineering, production, support and service providers remain unchanged.

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Technology highlights

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Precision Liquid Cooling solutions for mass-scale IT deployment in Cloud / Hyperscale

Iceotope’s Precision Liquid Cooling solutions lower costs, improve efficiency, and increase density at scale.

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Integrated rack with Precision Liquid Cooled chassis for compute-intensive applications at the Edge

Iceotope's integrated rack with Precision Liquid Cooled chassis reduces risk, saves energy, and simplifies maintenance at the Edge.

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Integrated rack with Precision Liquid Cooled chassis for variable scale deployments in Colocation

Iceotope's integrated rack with Precision Liquid Cooled chassis enables Colocation operators to capitalise on the looming Hyperscale opportunity by accommodating variable scale requirements.

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Industry leading partners

Delivering the future in cooling technologies. Today.

Our Precision Liquid Cooling technologies have been tried, tested and adopted by some of the biggest hyperscalers in the industry – not to mention, one of the largest OEMs in the world. Our business model is simple. We listen, we innovate, we develop and we integrate into existing supply chains. Partnerships with industry giants like Schneider Electric and Avnet make all of this possible. So whatever cooling challenges you are facing, we will help you manage them effectively.

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