Chassis-level liquid cooling with precision delivery technologies

Iceotope's chassis-level liquid cooling solutions – with precision delivery technologies – are engineered to cool the whole IT stack, in every use case, from the Cloud to the Edge. By removing the need for fans and air-cooling infrastructure, Iceotope’s technologies operate in pure silence — bringing game-changing reduction in energy and water consumption, and significant cost reductions in the design, build and operation of data centres.

Technology highlights

Air cooling has reached its limits.

Air cooling has served the industry well, but there are plenty of good reasons to look beyond the limits of today’s technologies. CPU power consumption is on the rise resulting in hotter chips, denser IT loads and an increase in the physical space required for the necessary cooling equipment. There is also a growing need for more energy and water in a time of increasing pressure to reduce consumption and a growing demand to place IT in harsh environments which presents its own unique challenges.

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Our industry-leading engineering team will work in partnership with you to solve your cooling challenges and simply license the solution into your supply chain. We don't build servers, we solve problems and leave the production, integration and support to your trusted experts.

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