Hotter chips. Smarter cooling.

To reduce latency, CPUs, GPUs, and other components on the board need to move closer and closer together. The result is incredible amounts of heat being generated in a very small physical space. When a rack is heavily populated with these kinds of servers, power densities upwards of 40kW per rack will become common place. The Green Grid (TGG) suggests a range of 15-25kW per rack as the limit for air cooled racks without the use of additional cooling equipment such as a rear door heat exchanger.

While the move to hotter chips can’t be stopped, it can be cooled – evenly, effectively and cost-efficiently with Iceotope’s patented chassis-level liquid cooling technologies. Our cooling technologies will comfortably deliver 40kW per rack and scale to over 100kW. Our technologies provide more predictable thermal control without the over provisioning and airflow management needed in air cooling. They can also improve chip and hard drive reliability by providing a lower stable operating temperature and removing humidity issues.

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