Introducing Ku:l Micro Data Centre

Freeing HPC from the data centre

Our Ku:l Micro Data Centre solution will inspire, motivate and challenge in equal measures. Highly configurable and scalable, this GPU-rich solution enables accelerated AI/ML workloads to be deployed in any healthcare location whilst maintaining data centre density with improved energy efficiency.

Liquid cooled using precision immersion, this Micro Data Centre solution captures close to 100% of the heat generated from every part of the system whilst operating in near silence. Sealed at chassis level the critical IT is completely isolated and impervious to dust, contaminants, humidity and people.

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Maximises system performance with high-grade heat recovery

Offering extreme cooling performance and high-grade heat recovery, Ku:l Micro Data Centre uses precision delivery of dielectric coolant directly to the hotspots. This means that there's no front-to-back air cooling, no bottom-to-top immersion constraints and no physical space wasted.

Server agnostic, each liquid-cooled chassis is 100% sealed to isolate and protect the IT from the surrounding location, atmosphere and people. With reliable, efficient heat recovery the Ku:l Micro Data Centre solution is able to maintain data centre density whilst offering improved energy efficiency right where you need it, regardless of how hostile, harsh or extreme the location.

Sealed, secure and resilient in people environments and harsh locations

The Ku:l 2 liquid-cooled chassis provides completely isolates the critical IT from the environment with a perfectly sealed and resilient enclosure. This enables secure and tamper-proof computing, storage and networking, providing an extra level of physical and I/O connective security even in the most extreme locations and climatic conditions.

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Technology highlights

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Precision immersion cooling under licence

If you already provide the hardware and just need the cooling, our simple licensing model allows you to integrate our liquid cooling technologies into your existing supply chain without the need for change.

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Highly scalable with multiple deployment configurations

The Ku:l Micro Data Centre solution is highly scalable and comes in multiple deployment configurations from a fully-integrated, plug-and-play half rack to multiple full racks with dedicated outdoor heat rejection.

Peace of mind comes as standard

Bringing our game-changing Micro Data Centre solution to market are another two big names in the industry. Schneider Electric, a world leader in energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability and Avnet Integrated, a world leader in technology design and manufacturing.

Integrated, supported and warrantied by Avnet, Ku:l Data Centre solutions offer greater efficiency, lower operating costs, higher levels of resilience, increased reliability and near silent operation, despite the high-power density of the GPUs being cooled.

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