Introducing Ku:l Extreme Micro Data Centre

Born out of a collaboration with HPE, Iceotope’s Ku:l Extreme is a highly ruggedised Micro Data Centre solution for distributing enterprise-grade computing to extreme edge locations. This game-changing solution is single server enabled, ultra-efficient and highly scalable. It provides zero-touch operation with advanced Out of Band Management offering complete control of the entire system, remotely. 

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Sealed, secure and resilient in the most extreme environments

100% sealed and protected

100% sealed at chassis level, Iceotope’s liquid-cooled chassis completely isolates the critical IT from people, airborne contaminants, and the elements with a perfectly sealed and resilient enclosure. This enables secure and tamper-proof computing, storage and networking, providing an extra level of physical and I/O connective security in the most extreme locations and climatic conditions.

Maximum system performance

Capturing close to 100% of the heat generated from every part of the system, the Ku:l Extreme Micro Data Centre solution offers extreme cooling performance by maximising cooling directly to the hotspots with precision delivery of dielectric coolant. This means there is no front-to-back air cooling, no bottom-to-top immersion constraints and no physical space wasted to air cooling infrastructure or non standard form factors.

Ultra-efficient operation

By eliminating the need for mechanical cooling* and power consuming server fans, energy consumption is cut by up to 50%. This has a two fold effect of allowing more IT to be deployed in limited power environments and significant power savings over traditional cooling solutions.

* Mechanical cooling, or Direct Expansion (DX) cooling system, is not needed in most climates.

Zero-touch operation offering total control with remote management

A sensor-rich IT environment 

Ku:l Extreme is a sensor-rich IT environment monitoring everything from fluid level, fluid temperatures and pressure, offering the ability to monitor and remotely manage server component sensors with the Advanced Management Out of Band Add In card. 

Reduced failure and less servicing 

Removing the server fans and sealing the entire server in a liquid-cooled chassis not only isolates and protects the critical IT, it reduces server hardware failure by up to 30% and greatly increases service intervals. Using dielectric coolant for high-grade heat recovery is proven to enhance the product lifespan whilst improving operational efficiency and resiliency allowing zero-touch computing in any location. 

Simplified maintenance

Industry standard form factors allow maintenance and hot swapping to be carried out on site with familiar ease and no mess without the need for heavy lifting gear or spill kits.


2kW of distributed compute powered by HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 server


Adaptable for diverse workloads and environments, the secure 2P 2U HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 delivers world-class performance with the right balance of expandability and scalability.  

Flexible design  

  • Optimized performance for highly parallel workloads – image processing, App dev/test, cloud computing 
  • Increased Single-Width GPU Density with up to 7 NVIDIA Tesla T4 16GB Computational Accelerators or 7 Xilinx Alveo U50 Accelerators supported in a standard-depth 2U rack form factor  

Industry-leading performance  

  • HPE Persistent Memory offers the flexibility to deploy as dense memory or fast storage using Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory and enables per-socket memory capacity of up to 3.0 TB.3  
  • Up to 27x faster checkpoint operations enabling significantly faster business operations
  • At least 20x faster database restart preserving maximum system uptime 

Agile, secure infrastructure 

  • Reducing risk of cyber or physical attacks with asset and data protection  
  • iLO 5 security enhancements: Server Configuration Lock, iLO Security Dashboard and Workload Performance Advisor. HPE InfoSight provides cloud-based analytics to predict and prevent issues proactively

Peace of mind comes as standard

Bringing our game-changing Ku:l Extreme Micro Data Centre solution to market are another two big names in the industry. Schneider Electric, a world leader in energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability and Avnet Integrated, a world leader in technology integration and manufacturing.



With certified installation and maintenance by Avnet supported by its superior warranty experience, you can rest assured that when it comes to distributing enterprise-grade computing to extreme edge locations, you are in safe hands.