Approved Fluids


A cutting-edge suite of high-performance dielectric fluids

Engineered for liquid cooling systems with exceptional hardware compatibility and outstanding thermal management properties. This results in significant reductions in energy costs and enhanced performance, ultimately leading to lower carbon dioxide emissions, and reduced water usage, reflecting PETRONAS IONA TERA's commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Shell Cooling Fluid S3 X

A stabilized hydrocarbon fluid based on Shell Gas-to-Liquid Technology (GTL).

Shell Cooling Fluid S3 X is a single-phase cooling fluid designed for the needs of high-performance computing, edge computing and blockchain applications. The product helps to reduce energy costs and emissions while offering high cooling efficiency, flow behaviour and excellent thermodynamic properties that reduce energy consumption. 

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Engineered Fluids' ElectroCool™ EC-110

Engineered for Single-phase, Liquid Cooling of Electronics

In the ever-changing industry of high energy density electronics, ElectroCool™ EC-110 stands as a premier solution for optimal thermal management. It is tailored for servers, GPUs, FPGAs, and various semiconductors while remaining non-toxic, non-halogenated, and biodegradable.

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