Are you like many businesses considering how to ease out of lockdown while accelerating towards further automation?


Automation means more robots for the physical world in factories, on-street locations, in autonomous transport and it means more robotics in processes for information and decision making.

It also means more IT assets in isolated locations where continuous operation is vital. In these environments outages due to overheating or contamination must be avoided. We need different thinking about thermal management and the use of liquid cooling to protect digital physical equipment.

The data’s journey will also cross what comms people once called ‘the last mile’ entering and exiting Edge data centres located in close proximity to consumer and commercial users, while the user in question will often be another piece of technology. Thousands of different data centres capturing, processing and moving information means reliance on constant human interventions for maintenance and repair is simply not viable.

From the centre to the Edge, increased automation of the IT function is needed. Much of this will be AI-powered. IBM recently announced a set of AI tools for IT automation to track anomalies, along with tools for enterprises to autonomously manage workloads across a massive volume of Edge devices.

Thermal management for highly dense Edge environments requires fewer, not more moving parts.  The solution is chassis-level liquid cooling simply deployed in integrated racks. Therefore, Edge is enabled by removing the need for fans or moving parts, meaning service intervals are greatly extended. And where intervention is needed, maintenance is none-intrusive allowing low- and no-touch compute at the Edge.

This creates an operating environment that is sealed from outside conditions making it impervious to physical intrusion, dust, heat and humidity, allowing it to be deployed in the harshest of environments. It is also highly efficient, either inside or outside of the data centre. By enhancing product operational lifecycles liquid cooling is ideal for automated environments in buildings, factories and data centres.

By combining world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions it fundamentally changes how IT can be thought of as part of automated operations.

The physical aspect of IT at the Edge for autonomous and automated operation will be built on chassis-level liquid cooling technology. For more details visit