Date published

15 Apr 2024


David Craig

This year I’ve had the pleasure of being asked to contribute to the 2024 Greener Data book to share my insights on the sustainability challenges facing the digital infrastructure industry. For a long time now, I’ve been passionate about the bold leadership needed to face the climate crisis. I firmly believe that embracing sustainability necessitates a revolutionary shift in mindset that puts aside old habits of incrementalism. The question then becomes are we ready to embrace these changes? Are we prepared to take on this transformation? 

Sustainability isn’t a singular problem we can engineer our way out of. It is a broader tapestry encompassing energy efficiency, carbon, IT infrastructure, and renewable energy sources. Though change may seem daunting, adopting sustainable practices and investing in new technologies – like Precision Liquid Cooling - offers benefits beyond carbon reduction; it fosters client attraction and retention strategies for data centers. This requires a broader conversation internally between all the stakeholders of the business to fully incorporate and maximize its benefits.

Adopting sustainable policies shouldn’t merely be a checkbox. It's a strategic move towards a future of growth. For companies daring to innovate and reimagine business practices, there is a reward. The competitive advantage is there to be had, if they are willing to embrace it. The economic impact of sustainability isn't a distant reverberation; it sets the rhythm of progress. Those integrating it as a core mission, aligning every operational facet, aren't merely weathering the storm – they're thriving within it.

The best corporations don’t just want to be seen as doing the right thing, but to be genuinely doing the right thing when it comes to sustainability. Let’s give them a path forward to make that possible. It’s no longer about optics, but rather our competitive ability to survive and keep our planet healthy. 

Make no mistake, these aren’t just long-term goals we are talking about either. There are immediate economic benefits to be had in making these changes. Technologies can be implemented today that play a significant role in this. Those who will become the heroes of this story are those who demonstrate bold leadership and embrace the changes that need to come.

If you are interested in learning more, I encourage you to order Greener Data 2024 to hear not only my thoughts on this important topic, but the views of a diverse mix of industry leaders who are all sharing their unique perspectives on the sustainability challenges facing us today. Climate is changing and one of the most pressing issues we face as a society is how we are going to address that change. Together, we can make a real difference.