Inventory Management

Store-based fulfillment

The availability of stock on shelves has become an urgent priority for retailers, not only to improve customer satisfaction and store revenue but also to meet the increasing demand for store-based fulfillment of e-commerce orders.

With traditional inventory management systems, data is typically collected and sent to a central data center or cloud for processing and analysis. This can result in delays, particularly when data volumes are high. Edge computing enables data to be processed and analyzed in real-time, at the edge of the network. This reduces the latency associated with data transmission, ensuring that retailers can make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Example: Smart shelves

A specific example of this at work is the use of smart shelves. These shelves are equipped with sensors that can detect when products are running low or when they need to be restocked. The data is then processed locally, allowing for immediate action to be taken to ensure that products are always available for customers. Real-time feedback on inventory status and customer preferences from stores can help with merchandising and demand forecasting functions, enabling retailers to react more quickly.

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