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Frequently asked questions

How do you install your technology? 

Our standalone servers are passively cooled which means you can plug-and-play. 

Our server rack systems integrates into many environments. Our technology doesn't use air cooled equipment or even need a dedicated room so once you've chosen the location, we just need to know how you would like to reject the waste heat.

What are the advantages of total immersion cooling over other liquid cooling methods? 

Total immersion cooling is the most effective method for cooling any heat-generating components. Crucially, that means we don’t need any fans – which means we need less space and less electricity, cutting capital and operational costs. 

What is the coolant you use? 

We use a specially engineered liquid for high-powered electrical applications. The liquid has excellent thermal and chemical properties, and is therefore highly effective at removing heat. With no flash point and FM approved, the liquid is completely safe and fully insured for any electrical devices.

What IT is compatible with Iceotope's technology? 

Our technology is IT agnostic, fully insurable and FM approved - making it easier and flexible for you to integrate your existing investments.