Based in our brand new Innovation Lab, you’ll work with thought leaders in multiple technology areas. This is a fast-paced, intellectually challenging position, you’ll have high standards for yourself and everyone you work with, and you’ll be constantly looking for ways to improve your products performance, quality and cost. We’re changing an industry, and we want individuals who are ready for this challenge and want to reach beyond what is possible today.


Job Title: Senior Thermal Engineer

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA


About the role: 

Through novel new designs for dielectric cooling systems, heatsinks and coldplates, keep Iceotope at the forefront of liquid cooling technology.

Design and configure novel liquid cooling solutions for leading high performance IT equipment. Including, but not limited to, CPUs, GPUs, ASICs, DIMMs, storage devices and networking infrastructure.


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Recommend the correct selection of components inside the Iceotope chassis that will provide effective cooling to the heat generating IT components, achieved by the intelligent selection of the appropriate heatsinks, heat exchangers, pumps, valves and hydraulic systems, and assisting in the redesign of these where necessary
  • To recommend and specify components external to the Iceotope chassis (coolant distribution units, chillers, heat rejection units, strainers, dry air coolers) such that the Iceotope equipment is provided with the water at the correct temperature, pressure, flow rate and quality.
  • Design and test thermal solutions for rack mounted server products. Review server system designs and create thermal solutions that are compliant with the thermal specifications
  • Use CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) tools to predict operating performance of the server. Document and analyze simulation and test results
  • To work effectively with a multi-location, multi-disciplinary engineering team
  • To collaborate and communicate clearly with both internal and external stakeholders




  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (or equivalent in which Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics were key constituent topics)
  • At least 5 years industrial experience of calculations on Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow
  • In depth understanding of the heat transfer, and the key factors that influence heat transfer across different media
  • In depth understanding of fluid mechanics, including minimizing hydraulic losses whilst achieving correct flow balancing across devices in parallel
  • Experience on working with commercial CFD software (3D and/or 1D)
  • Experience in working as part of an engineering project team



  • Experience in electronics cooling, preferably in the IT / datacenter industry
  • Experience in using liquids for heat transfer
  • Proficient in commercial CAD software (SolidWorks)
  • Higher Degree (eg PhD) relevant to Thermal / Fluid Mechanics
  • Registered PE (Professional Engineer) preferred


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