In a competitive industry built on a shifting landscape of changing perceptions, emerging technologies and regulatory challenges, you need every advantage you can grasp. The right processing power can make the crucial difference – whether it’s rendering the seismic imagery vital for oil & gas exploration, modelling the output of renewable generation technologies or turning electricity supply networks into smart grids.

    Iceotope has the muscle to deliver that processing power, with less lead-time, less infrastructure and less expense than a traditional system. When your business needs to react, it can be deployed, scaled and reconfigured to suit. It will operate closer to operations, from offshore facilities and refineries to power stations and transmission substations – performing in environments far from climate-controlled data centres.

    It not only has a smaller physical footprint, but a smaller carbon footprint too – using less energy and less water, and even offering the chance to recover and reuse waste heat. So Iceotope doesn’t just deliver a stronger performance, but a more positive sustainable image too.


    Financial Services has long been at the forefront of large-scale computing and data analytics. But in a high-pressure industry facing volatile markets, regulatory challenges and a crowd of competitors, the demands are huge. Whether it’s modelling market data, keeping up with electronic trades or identifying patterns of fraud, every calculation needs to be faster and more accurate than it was yesterday.

    Delivering that level of performance is what Iceotope does – without making any compromise or trade-off. It’s a scalable and flexible system, which can be installed quickly, helping you react fast to new demands. While the traditional systems are limited to expensive data centres, Iceotope is quiet and compact enough to fit into more conventional office spaces.

    Above all, it’s a cost-effective option – because it uses less space, demands less complex infrastructure and uses less energy. So it doesn’t just give you better data, it gives you a better bottom line.


    The power to gather and analyse huge amounts of data is an absolutely essential step in pushing today’s boundaries of scientific understanding and human knowledge. Without vast processing power, the next discoveries and innovations in academia, government and private industry would be much further away. Iceotope brings them closer.

    As a scalable modular system, it offers the flexibility to meet your organisations needs, with the impressive processing power to support your research ambitions. Iceotope has been developed with both innovation and sustainability in mind, not only using much less energy, but also offering the opportunity to recapture waste heat for heating office space.

    Without the air-conditioning infrastructure traditional systems demand, the units are much more compact and much less noisy – allowing you to bring computing power out of the data centre and into the laboratory or office, alongside your research team.


    The next breakthrough in the field of healthcare will not be made without impressive computing power. From drug discovery to epidemiological modelling to genetic mapping, the work of the industry’s brightest minds is only possible with the kind of technology Iceotope offers. With access to fast and flexible processing power, scientists at the forefront of medical research can move mountains – saving lives, improving society and shaping the course of human progress.

    The Iceotope system ensures that processing power doesn’t have to come with bulky, noisy and energy-hungry air conditioning apparatus. That makes it a compact, cost-effective and virtually silent system that can perform outside data centres, bringing an innovative research tool into your office or laboratory.


    In the high-tech, precision world of aerospace, automotive and advanced manufacturing, every step relies on innovative simulation technology – from design and modelling, to testing and optimising – not to mention the manufacturing process itself. With real-time analysis in areas like Computational Fluid Dynamics and Multibody Dynamics, enough processing power can deliver real-time cost savings, efficiencies and improvements.

    Collaborating with the industry’s leading specialist software developers, Iceotope is equipped to bring innovation to areas including fuel efficiency, crash simulation and stress testing. It delivers the computing power to do all of that, yet it can work outside the traditional data centre environment. Our innovative cooling technology makes the system compact, modular and incredibly quiet. So it performs just as well in a factory, laboratory or office space.

    No matter where it’s deployed and no matter what its application, Iceotope’s technology delivers significant savings on space, on energy and on costs.


    The nature of the military’s role has changed beyond all recognition in just a few years. Today, asymmetric warfare and innovative technologies demand fresh approaches and a new type of armoury. In a range of areas, from wide-scale surveillance and data gathering to real-time analysis and planning capabilities, information is key – and the right computing systems have a huge part to play.

    Iceotope offers a robust and rapidly deployable system – one that doesn’t need the complex infrastructure of a data centre and that can resist the dust of far-flung environments. It’s virtually silent, so it can function side-by-side with your personnel, while it requires less energy, placing less of a burden on operational resources.

    For the challenges of today’s military, Iceotope offers a tough and powerful tool.


    The flow of data around today’s world is astounding, with telecoms networks forming the new fabric of society, commerce and industry. The role of managing, developing and optimising those networks is vast and complex – from monitoring infrastructure on a huge scale to reacting to demands in real time.

    Iceotope provides the flexible computing systems that can act as a key component of more scalable and efficient telecoms services.

    Our system is quick to deploy, without the need for costly and time-consuming infrastructure installation. Without the industrial hum of cooling fans, it’s virtually silent – so you can bring it closer to your personnel without disrupting operations. While it delivers huge computing power, it’s also an energy-efficient, low-cost option – not only driving business success, but also contributing to a sustainable and responsible corporate image.