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The Iceotope Solution is a computer server platform cooled using liquid. Our product can be configured as a single supercomputer, as multiple server racks or scaled out to create an entire data centre.

We combine industry standard servers, liquid cooling and our own IP into a scalable Tier 3 ready solution. We manufacture the entire solution "end to end" meaning that we manufacture the cabinet as well as the modules that slot inside, which are comprised from a range of compute and telecoms modules from companies such as Intel and Supermicro.

Our solution is different to standard server solutions because it uses liquid rather than air to cool and thus negates the need for massive capital expenditure on air conditioning, chillers, humidity control systems, et cetera. Advanced science and engineering have been used to develop this solution.

Save Money, Save Energy
Better For Computing
Better for the Environment

Iceotope Solution
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The Iceotope Solution typically reduces data centre cooling costs by 97%, ICT power load by 20% and overall ICT infrastructure costs by 50%. It negates the need for air handling, refrigeration and bespoke facilities. It is virtually silent in operation and can be deployed in any environment with access to power and water, including hostile spaces such as oil rigs and deserts.

By using our liquid cooled product, compute density is improved and operational costs are reduced dramatically. By using our liquid cooled product new facilities can be populated at a fraction of the traditional capital expenditure and operating costs.

It's time to join the revolution.

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