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Iceotope Servers Offer Full Time, Free Cooling For Cloud Services

Iceotope Servers Offer Full Time, Free Cooling For HPC

Iceotope Servers Offer Full Time, Free Cooling For Hostile Enviroments

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From academic research to financial services to social networks, it's now impossible to imagine a world without computing. For those who own and operate the systems at the heart of the ICT revolution, the challenge is to ensure the delivery of sufficient energy, cooling and physical space to support the compute while balancing the availability of these services with the growth in demand.

The current ICT paradigm is nowhere more strongly felt than in the world of high performance computing (HPC), supercomputing, cloud industry and deployments of ICT in hostile environments. The associated capital expenditure, operating costs and environmental impact are an ever increasing headache for the industry on a whole.

We have the answer.

Use Liquid Cooling
Instead of Air

Iceotope Solution
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  • Liquid Encapsulation
  • Engineered Coolant

We noticed from basic levels of economy of scale that the current method of cooling servers (namely air) continues to pose challenges in the ICT industry. Liquid is several thousand times more effective at transferring heat than air and uses significantly less energy to do so. Thus, we spent years researching and refining our product to use liquid (instead of air) for cooling.

Liquid allows us to harvest heat from all the electronics quickly, efficiently, effectively and in a form that can be reused or efficiently disposed of. We use 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluid because it is nonconductive, inert, and has excellent convection properties. It also provides fire protection at the component level.

This delivers unrivalled cooling efficiency.


The Iceotope

Iceotope Solution Iceotope Solution Iceotope Solution Iceotope Solution Iceotope Solution
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The Iceotope Solution is a computer server platform cooled using liquid. Our product can be configured as a single supercomputer, as multiple server racks or scaled out to create an entire data centre.

We combine industry standard servers, liquid cooling and our own IP into a scalable Tier 3 ready solution. We manufacture the entire solution "end to end" meaning that we manufacture the cabinet as well as the modules that slot inside, which are comprised from a range of compute and telecoms modules from companies such as AMD, Intel and Supermicro.

Our solution is different to standard server solutions because it uses liquid rather than air to cool and thus negates the need for massive capital expenditure on air conditioning, chillers, humidity control systems, et cetera. Advanced science and engineering have been used to develop this solution.

Rapid Heat Extraction

Ultra-Convection Rapid Heat Extraction
  • Liquid Cooling
  • University of Leeds
  • Heat Reuse
  • Quote - Dr Jon Summers
  • "Hot Swap" Connectors

Working with University of Sheffield and more recently the University of Leeds, we have modeled our technology using computational fluid dynamics to ensure we have the most effective solution on the planet.

Every detail has been engineered to ensure we harvest as much heat from the electronics as possible in the most efficient way, delivering a sealed and safe environment for ICT.

University of Leeds

Save Money, Save Energy
Better For Computing
Better for the Environment

Iceotope Solution
  • Environmental Benefits
  • Facility Benefits
  • Energy Manager Benefits
  • IT Operator Benefits

The Iceotope Solution typically reduces data centre cooling costs by 97%, ICT power load by 20% and overall ICT infrastructure costs by 50%. It negates the need for air handling, refrigeration and bespoke facilities. It is virtually silent in operation and can be deployed in any environment with access to power and water, including hostile spaces such as oil rigs and deserts.

By using our liquid cooled product, compute density is improved and operational costs are reduced dramatically. By using our liquid cooled product new facilities can be populated at a fraction of the traditional capital expenditure and operating costs.

It's time to join the revolution.

Sustainable Technology

Sustainable Technology
  • Platform Lifespan
  • Modules Lifespan
  • Coolant Lifespan

We are continually striving for excellence in the design of our products to ensure they are simple, reliable and infinitely scalable for use in any climate in the world.

The Iceotope Solution has been designed using "cradle to cradle" principles. Rather than using plastics and PVC throughout, all main components are steel and aluminum, which have a longer lifespan and can be reused several times.

Sustainable Exhibition

  • DCTU "mini"
  • Promotional Materials

Sustainability is part of our core ethos, which we try to reflect throughout all functions of the business. We display the Iceotope Solution inside a mobile exhibition, which we tow from exhibition to exhibition rather than constructing a large semi-permanent stand that is demolished after only a week's use.

We have named our mobile exhibition the Iceotope Data Center Tactical Unit (a.k.a. the DCTU). We have also recently introduced DCTU "minis" into our mobile exhibition fleet. It's good fun.

Our branded tee shirts are made from organic cotton and we do paperless promotional materials. Basically, we aim to tick the boxes where the sustainability is concerned.

Memberships and

  • 3M
  • AMD
  • Intel
  • Supermicro
  • University of Leeds
  • EAUC
  • Carbon3IT
  • Schneider Electric

We collaborate with some of the industry’s finest suppliers, manufactures and service providers in order to achieve the highest quality product. Our partners have been carefully selected for their global presence, product excellence, quality assurance and irrefutable reputations in the industry. We are honored to work in collaboration with such highly esteemed companies and welcome the opportunity to work with others in the future.

Iceotope Roadmap

  • Ecosystem of Modules
  • Welcoming Engagements

We work with OEMs and vendors to encapsulate an array of technologies inside the commodity Iceotope Solution. We can also accommodate bespoke development projects as our technology has the potential to deliver power densities of up to 100kW per cabinet whilst still offering unrivalled energy efficiency.

Our route to market is through licensing agreements. We are already engaged with several vendors to offer the opportunity to license our technology and integrate the Iceotope Solution into product offerings including supercomputers, single server racks and full data centre configurations. In addition, we welcome the opportunity to work on high performance computing and super high density offerings, which we believe can solve exascale and hyperscale computing problems.

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