Iceotope launches resilient edge server for harsh environments

6th June 2017 - UK-based Iceotope, the class-leading IT cooling provider, has announced the launch of EdgeStation - a portable edge server designed for challenging environments. EdgeStation cools and protects IT components from harsh working environments, delivering maximum performance with minimum footprint.

Designed to meet the growing demand of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, EdgeStationTM delivers close proximity, protection and flexibility for the data-hungry business.

Iceotope has developed a device that offers:

  • Flexible deployment ideal for the “edge”– a portable design to move computing where you need it, reducing latency and maximising performance. Wheel it in, plug it in and go.
  • Resiliency for a harsh environments – fan-free, sealed units that consistently perform in a manner of environments avoiding costly downtime and delay.
  • Virtual silence for quiet and remote areas – no fans or moving parts delivers whisper-quiet computing for better workforce productivity.

EdgeStationTM is a fully sealed liquid cooling system that immerses electronics in a sophisticated engineered fluid. Without the burden of air cooling equipment, systems are virtually silent in operation and can be deployed into many environments

David Craig, CEO at Iceotope, comments: “Localised data processing is imperative for applications such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Industry 4.0. Air cooling has reached its peak and can no longer effectively cool such devices. Iceotope has created a smarter way of getting the processing power you need, where you need it.”


Iceotope has already sold EdgeStation into the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) which needed better protection of its server equipment from hazards such as dust and debris created by its manufacturing operations.


Iceotope’s technology is flexible and configurable to suit customer requirements. EdgeStationTM accommodates up to two CPU and up to two expandable PCIe devices in a tower-style form factor.  

EdgeStation is available across Europe via both Iceotope and its partners. Enquire here for pricing and more information.

About Iceotope (

Founded in 2005, Iceotope is a liquid cooling technology company specialising in flexible fan-free cooling solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC), Edge of Network, and Data Centre facilities.  Based in Sheffield, UK, and backed by strategic venture capital, Iceotope’s corporate Investors include; OMBU Group and Aster Capital; a strategic investor representing Schneider Electric and Solvay.