Direct-to-chip liquid cooling technologies

Our reference design cold plate has been engineered to minimise failure points whilst being simple and quick to install into all types of server configurations. The one piece 'gasketless' construction combined with anti-clogging internal structure provides inherent resilience and maintenance free operation. The 360 degree rotational inlet and outlet nozzles allow pipe work entry and connection to other cold plates in series or parallel for versatile incorporation in place of the inefficient air cooled heatsinks.

The design fits within the same envelope of a standard 1U heatsink. Thermal and hydraulic performance has been perfectly optimised to minimise the power needed to circulate coolant through the device whilst transferring the maximum amount of heat from the chip to coolant, keeping thermal resistance to a minimum.

All of this adds up to a cooler, quieter, more energy efficient server offering the ability to increase density in rack or attain efficiency savings within your facility. We can apply our technology to any shape or size of CPU, GPU, FPGA or high power IO connectors we would love to hear from you to discuss custom solutions based on this reference design.


  • Anti-clogging internal structure
  • Ultra low pressure drop
  • Highly resilient single piece construction
  • High thermal transfer
  • Lightweight
  • 360 degree fluid ports
  • Push fit fluid connections
  • Blind mate QD compatible
  • Custom to any power electronics
  • CPU / PSU / FPGA / IOM  

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Our chassis-level liquid cooling technologies have been tried, tested and adopted by some of the biggest hyperscalers in the industry – not to mention, one of the largest OEMs in the world. Our business model is simple. We listen, we innovate, we develop and we integrate into existing supply chains. Partnerships with industry giants like Schneider Electric and Avnet make all of this possible. So whatever cooling challenges you are facing, we will help you manage them effectively.

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When it comes to doing business, we like to keep things simple.

Our industry-leading engineering team will work in partnership with you to solve your cooling challenges and simply license the solution into your supply chain. We don't build servers, we solve problems and leave the production, integration and support to your trusted experts.

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