Chassis-level liquid cooling solutions for the edge


Iceotope's chassis-level liquid cooling solutions – with precision delivery technologies – can easily accommodate the increasing heat loads from the latest processor road maps whilst helping to overcome the unique challenge posed by the edge.

Engineered to fit all standard form factors including retrofit, our technologies can cool the whole IT stack – in every use case – from the cloud to the edge. They can also be compacted into smaller custom form factors to enable edge computing, networking and storage in places that just haven’t been possible until now.

By removing the need for fans and air cooling infrastructure, our technologies operate in pure silence and bring game-changing reductions in energy and water consumption, helping data centre owners at the edge reduce their carbon footprint significantly whilst cost-effectively managing the explosive growth in data generation.

Technology highlights


Key benefits

There are many benefits of choosing chassis-level liquid cooling over traditional air cooling and alternative liquid cooling options. Here are just a few of them.

Hotter chips. Smarter cooling.

Our chassis-level immersion cooling technologies will comfortably deliver 40kW per rack and scale to over 100kW. Our technologies provide more predictable thermal control without the over provisioning and airflow management needed in air cooling. They can also improve chip and hard drive reliability by providing a lower stable operating temperature.

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Fully sealed. Fully protected.

100% sealed and resilient, our chassis-level immersion cooling technologies isolate all IT from the environment, protecting it from airborne contaminants.

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More power. Less energy.

Operating a pPUE of 1.03, our chassis-level immersion cooling technologies not only comply with all existing regulations, they fall well below the lowest regulated pPUE of 1.3. Our cooling technologies remove the need for and the restrictions created by energy-intensive air cooling systems – including the server fans – allowing the 15-16% of site power normally stranded to be reclaimed, while using up to 5 times less energy.

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More processing. Less space.

By eliminating the need for hot and cold aisles, our chassis-level immersion cooling technologies reduce the overall data centre space for a given IT load. As demand increases for IT deployments in urban areas – and at the edge – our cooling technologies enable compute in places that has not been possible until now.

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Zero fans. Zero noise.

By removing the need for complex air-cooling infrastructure, fans and moving parts, our cooling technologies operate in near silence.

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Our IP. Your supply chain.

When it comes to doing business, we like to keep things simple. Our industry-leading engineering team will work in partnership with you to solve your cooling challenges and simply license the solution into your supply chain. We don't build servers, we solve problems and leave the production, integration and support to your trusted experts.

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Passively-cooled, server-class compute for the harsh environment

Iceotope's passive chassis-level liquid cooling technologies enable powerful edge servers to be rapidly deployed in harsh environments. Using passive cooling combined with dielectric immersion, our technologies allow processors to be configured for higher power envelopes, enabling dense compute in places that just haven’t been possible until now. So, whether you’re planning on using standard or custom form factors at the edge, our design and engineering team will work in partnership with you to develop your ideal compute, networking and storage solutions for rugged far edge deployment.

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Integrated Rack with chassis-level immersion cooled IT for micro data centres at the edge

The industry’s first commercially-available integrated rack with chassis-level, immersive liquid cooling. Optimised for compute-intensive applications, the solution combines a high-powered GPU server with Iceotope’s liquid cooling technology to increase energy efficiency.

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Liquid-cooled containerised data centres for the edge

An all-in-one liquid-cooled containerised data centre from Schneider Electric is easy-to-deploy at the edge with prefabricated IT infrastructure packaged within a secure, weather proof and fire-rated shipping container. Integrated by Avnet and cooled by Iceotope, Schneider Electric's SmartShelter Containers address the challenges of deploying data centres at the edge, while enabling real-time processing and resolving latency and bandwidth issues by locating a datacenter closer to your operations.

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Industry leading partners

Delivering the future in cooling technologies. Today.

Our chassis-level liquid cooling technologies have been tried, tested and adopted by some of the biggest hyperscalers in the industry – not to mention, one of the largest OEMs in the world. Our business model is simple. We listen, we innovate, we develop and we integrate into existing supply chains. Partnerships with industry giants like Schneider Electric and Avnet make all of this possible. So whatever cooling challenges you are facing, we will help you manage them effectively.

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If you have a cooling challenge that you would like us to solve or if you would like to find out more about our chassis-level liquid cooling technologies...

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