Speed and efficiency are paramount

In a highly sophisticated and digitally mature market, speed and efficiency have become paramount to securing a competitive advantage in retaining customers and maximising profits. Iceotope’s Precision Immersion Cooled data centre solution offers a 4% increase in server performance at elevated temperatures, a >10oC increase in CPU temperature margin with zero throttling, and a total energy saving of 30% operating at a pPUE 1.04 when compared to a traditional air-cooled solution operating at a pPUE 1.4.

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Accelerating net zero

Many banks have made net zero commitments in recent years, acknowledging their role in the climate transition. Going forward, banks will face opportunities and challenges in aligning their business with pathways to net zero. From a data centre perspective – whether that be in the cloud, on-premises, in colocation, or at the distributed edge – Iceotope's Precision Immersion Cooling solutions significantly reduce energy and water consumption and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 40%. 

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Introducing Ku:l Data Centre

Ku:l Data Centre offers server-class compute on-premises, in colocation, and at the edge. Sealed at chassis level and operating in near silence, this solution enables distributed AI/HPC workloads in virtually any location, at any scale, to ensure real-time value at the data source. 

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