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Designed using our patented liquid-cooling technology, these edge server reference designs are engineered to be resilient and powerful enough to enable rapid 5G MEC – and edge node – deployment in harsh and hostile environments.

100% sealed and resilient, our edge server cooling technology isolates all IT from the environment protecting it from gaseous and particulate contamination. Unlike air-cooling and direct-chip-cooling, our technology cools all the electronics using our specially engineered dielectric fluid, which has 1000 times** the capacity to remove heat from electronics than air-cooling.

By removing the need for fans and moving parts, our cooling technology operates in pure silence. Using 5 times* less energy it allows processors to be configured for higher power envelopes enabling dense compute, networking and storage in places that just haven’t been possible until now.

So, whether you’re planning on using standard or bespoke form factors at the edge, our design and engineering team will work in partnership with you to develop your ideal compute, networking and storage solutions for rapid 5G MEC deployment.