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An Iceotope liquid-cooled containerised data centre can be engineered to be resilient in harsh and hostile environments. Modular in design, our ruggedised data centres come in 10’, 20’ and 40’ container lengths with ballistic certified and LPS 1175 SR security rated finishes, CPNI enhanced protection and fully ruggedised technology available as options. 

Our patented liquid-cooling technology can easily accommodate the increasing heat loads from the latest processor roadmaps – from relatively modest densities through to 45kw per rack. But if it’s Formula 1 compute, networking and storage you’re looking for, we’ve already cooled 100kw per rack.

Dealing with heat at source, managing it effectively, and transporting it efficiently to an outdoor dry cooler, our cooling technology has 1000 times the capacity to remove heat from electronics than air-cooling. By adding more cooling capacity our technology enables processors to be configured for higher power envelopes, whilst maintaining run at higher performance levels. 

By removing the need for and the restrictions created by complex air-cooling infrastructure, our cooling technology operates in pure silence using 5 times less energy and virtually no water. Because the servers are 100% sealed, protected, resilient and thermally stable over a wide range of operating temperatures, they can be deployed in the harshest environments.