"Taking financial services to the Edge - what will financial services look like by 2030?"

23rd August 2022 | 1.00 pm EDT


Edge computing, cloud, and AI are changing the competitive landscape for financial service organizations. In a highly sophisticated and digitally mature market, speed and efficiency have become paramount to securing an advantage in retaining customers and maximizing profits. For traditional retail banks, edge computing through real-time analytics creates opportunities to improve customer service, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance, as well as for personalization of services to exactly what the customer needs. And for high frequency trading firms edge translates to maximized profits on high-volume, low-margin trades, and competitive advantage in high-speed order execution.

This presentation from Iceotope will examine the trends in edge computing and what financial service organizations should expect by 2030. Our speaker will explore how artificial intelligence will impact the customer experience, and examine the enabling technologies that will address the most common deployment challenges when moving to the edge.


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