Iceotope-Intelligent Design of Edge Computing V2X Infrastructure for Autonomous Driving Compute Workloads

The information below was gathered from the 2018 Simcenter Conference - Americas that took place October 15-17 in Detroit, Michigan.

The race to produce a true Category 5 autonomous vehicle has highlighted the need for innovative thinking related to internal and more importantly external vehicle communication. The volume and depth of the data exchanges required, not to mention the analysis requirement all point towards moving the heavy processing to new forms of liquid-cooled intelligent roadside furniture.  

This is a multifaced problem encompassing involving Insolation thermal loading and shields, natural convection and louvers. This can only feasibly be addressed with the use of real-world liquid cooling expertise coupled with accurate design simulation tools. We have standardized on FloMASTER and FloTHERM XT to accelerate the design of our EdgeStation devices. EdgeStation is a rugged and resilient compute server platform for edge applications. It is currently available as a workstation with support for HPC compute and GPU processing in locations where an air-cooled rack-based server is not an option. Due to the versatile nature of Iceotope’s liquid cooling technologies, the EdgeStation is highly scalable to a wide range of form-factors and Information Technology Equipment specifications, which makes it the natural choice for servers serving road-side autonomous vehicle infrastructures. This presentation focused on the needs and challenges for road-side edge server requirements, including the use of FloTHERM XT to enable the scale-down of the EdgeStation workstation server to a miniature version,  while exploiting the advantages of liquid-cooling to withstanding the environmental and insolation loading associated with road-side autonomous vehicle infrastructure.