Iceotope accelerates experience for animation studio

Sheffield, UK, 13 January 2017: Iceotope, the liquid cooling technology company, today announced the installation of its space-effective render farm for creative studio Lunar Animation to accommodate reliable high performance computing where other IT would struggle.

The high performance machine will allow animators to create high-quality computer generated imagery (CGI), in complete silence, while significantly improving productivity downtime and reducing costs. Installed into a loft office space within a Grade II Listed Building, Iceotope has rapidly deployed a powerful rendering system that doesn’t require the space, power and cost the existing infrastructure demands.

The rendering machine adds greater flexibility and scalability while reducing operating and space saving costs made possible through patented liquid cooling technology. With heat generating IT components housed in a sealed blade and immersed in a safe, non-flammable coolant, Iceotope’s rendering system is fully contained within a cabinet occupying less than one square metre of floor space.

Peter Hopton, founder and technology director at Iceotope, comments: “We’re very excited to be working with Lunar Animation.

Thanks to our innovative cooling technology, a render farm becomes much more flexible and resilient, allowing the system to be deployed in a couple of hours with minimal disruption.”

James Rodgers, director of Lunar Animation, comments: “‘Iceotope’s render solution has opened up new work flow opportunities and access to extreme render power without the need for an air-conditioned server room. We look forward to implementing the render farm on a number of projects we have coming up.”