Digital transformation for better citizen outcome

The Local Regional Government (LRG) is under increasing pressure. Spending cuts, population growth, and rising demand for digital services, are just some of the issues facing this sector. Forming new partnerships to help deliver better services is key to overcoming the challenges in the public sector to, ultimately, improve citizen outcome and satisfaction.


Digital transformation

Productivity takes priority for this sector and it is now widely recognised that LRG need to take advantage of modern technology. The Local Government Association (LGA) have outlined digital transformation as the driving force for efficiency to provide value for both its workforce and public. Making more services available online will drive business efficiency, better user experience and an improved community.

PwC believe that councils will be most successful by replacing traditional approaches with digital participation. In the local government report ‘Local State We’re In’, the capacity for data analytics, and innovative partnerships for the trial of disruptive technologies, are said to deliver a positive impact for the local areas. However the push for new technologies brings great concern for the security of public data and information, and requires a sensitive, secure approach to infrastructure.

Take the strain out of the data centre

The investments being made by local authorities in data and analytics are placing greater strain on authorities’ computing infrastructure and expensive data centre space. As a result more councils are compelled to find flexible, cost effective solutions for more data capacity.

Modular data centres are a flexible solution for fast, on-premise deployments. Using less footprint, less energy and significantly less costs, modular solutions are becoming the only the option for business continuity.

Manufactured in the UK, Iceotope’s innovative cooling technology allows high performance compute to break-free of the traditional data centre and deployed amongst the workforce in a secure, local environment. Removing the need for air cooling equipment, IT is not only cooled effectively but operates in complete silence.

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