Picture perfect environments

In the creative world your studio environment matters. It’s where you generate the ideas and develop the concepts which will wow clients and customers. The personality of a space is important – both in making sure your team is happy and in communicating what you’re about to visiting clients.

It’s worth noting that creative companies tend to be small – on average comprising only 3.3 staff members according to a recent report[1]. Studios, therefore, are typically compact. Also, creative businesses often seek out city centre premises where space might be at a premium, either due to cost or a building’s quirky architecture.

You don’t want looming banks of computers dominating a studio – not when the area could better be used for a football table, Eames lounger, bike rack or whichever other creative office cliché takes your fancy.

Likewise, noisy cooling systems can be very disruptive. The sound of a studio should be the excited chatter of exchanging ideas, and the click of keys and mouse to the background accompaniment of BBC 6Music – not the relentless drone of air con fans.

Iceotope enables deskside rendering workloads for ultimate productivity in the creative working environments.  Not only whisper-quiet but very compact too, high performance rendering addresses the space challenges of the creative industries. Made possible by patented liquid cooling technology, Iceotope has developed innovative rack-based and workstation level systems to deliver enhanced power without the footprint required by conventional fan systems.

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[1] 2016 The Geography of Creativity report, Nesta - http://www.nesta.org.uk/sites/default/files/the_geography_of_creativity_in_the_uk.pdf